General Terms and Conditions

Internic Spain S.L. is the owner of the portal, hereinafter, "Bookinghouses" or "Portal" with legal address at C/Picassent, 4 – 46900 Torrent (Valencia), registered at the Valencia Business register in volumen 6804, book 4108, page 122, section 8, sheet V75608, entry 1ª and with VAT Nº B-97040554. is an online service intented to help the owners and agencies (hereinafter "the owner") to advertise and travelers (hereinafter "the guest") to book a accommodation for holiday periods. For "the user" has to be understood to anyone who accesses the website regardless of the purpose of the visit.

1. Acceptance of the terms and conditions. 1.1. It is considered that these terms and conditions have been accepted by any user who accesses, registers or uses the services of the portal user regardless of whether registered or not. In addition, the User declares to be of legal age and capacity to bind and take the terms and conditions herein. 1.2. The portal reserves the right to change these terms and conditions at any time without notice. The user shall revise them periodically in order to stay informed of any changes. 1.3. In the event of contradictions between the spanish and the english version of these terms and conditions, the spanish versión shall prevail.

2. Platform. 2.1. The user understands and agrees that Bookinghouses merely is a platform that enables owners and guests to contact and conclude rental transactions in respect of the properties listed on the website and, consequently that Bookinghouses is not itself a party to any rental transaction and disclaims all liability arising from or related to any such transactions. In the event that there is a commission agreement between Bookinghouses and the owner, the portal manages and organizes the payments of the guest and the payment to the owners deducting the corresponding commission. In this case Bookinghouses is solely responsible for the amounts directly charged to the guest and the payments to the owner. 2.2. Rental transactions are only binding among the concerned owners and guests, who are both solely and entirely responsible for their performance and Bookinghouses disclaims all liability arising from or in connection with such transactions. 2.3. Bookinghouses can not verify or guarantee the truthfulness, accuracy, timeliness and accuracy of the contents provided by users so the Portal is not responsible for the decisions arising from such content. 2.4. The Portal is not responsible for the contents provided by users that may lead to a violation of the rules and laws of intellectual property, defamation, obscenity, or any other form that may be a legal offense or violate the right to dignity, privacy, etc.. The responsibility lies exclusively with the user who has made the contribution. 2.5. The Portal reserves the right to modify, suspend or terminate at its discretion and without notice any content that to our opinion may violate these terms and conditions, or may result in a violation of law,or may be suspected of fraudulent activities. 2.6. The Portal is not responsible for the availability of the service cuts derived from third parties or force majeure, also, Bookinghouses reserves the right to temporarily suspend the service in order to undertake maintenance of the Website. 2.7. Bookinghouses and all its contents, items and brands are subject to industrial and intellectual property rights so it is prohibited to alter, modify, use, distribution or reproduction in total or part of the contents which belong to the portal. 2.8. The Portal reserves the right to make changes, updates and upgrades in design, usability and image-related technologies and functionality of the portal.

3. Users. 3.1. The users of Bookinghouses agree to use for the purposes mentioned and shall not use this portal to: 3.1.1. to execute any illicit activity or acts which may constitute a crime. 3.1.2. to broadcast contents or propaganda of racist, xenophobic, pornographic or attending against human rights. 3.1.3. to introduce any software that may produce any harm to Bookinghouses or the users of Bookinghouses. 3.1.4. to use automated processes or robots "bots" to extract any information from the portal or automated progammes that may damage the functioning or performance of the portal. 3.1.5. to share information which is privileged, private, protected and confidential. 3.1.6. to transmit unwanted advertising "SPAM".

4. Terms particular to Owners. To contract our services: you simply register as an owner, login to your user account and start posting your accommodation. After the free month is over we will contact you in order to formalize the contract. The rates and offers of our service do not include VAT and other taxes if applicable. 4.1. To publish the property in Bookinghouses the owner must be over 21 years of age and a natural or legal person who is entitled to manage the rental of the property. 4.2. The properties published must be real. 4.3. The information about the identity of the owner as well as the information about the methods of payment and invoicing hall be true and verificable. 4.4. The information about the properties shall be accurate, truthful, comprehensive and updated properly being the owner solely responsible for the adequacy of such information and of the rates and charges applicable to the property. 4.5. The owner must own all rights of the content contributed to the Portal and that such content does not harm any copyright, intelectual and industrial trademarks and patents being the owner solely responsible for all content stated on the portal. 4.6. Bookinghouses has the right but not the obligation to request information from the owner in order to verify the identity and ownership of the properties offered for rent. 4.7. In order that the owner may keep all information up to date he will be given a username and a password to access the control panel and edit the all kind of information in the user account and information about properties. The owner is responsible for the confidentiality and use of the password. In any case, Bookinghouses cannot be held responsible for any misuse that may result from loss or subtraction of the access dates and it is the responsibility of the owner to inform the portal in case you feel that the security of your password may be in danger. 4.8. The owner is solely responsible for the confirmations of the reservation requests and delivery of the properties advertised. 4.9. Bookinghouses reserves the right to accept, reject, withdraw, suspend or delete any property whose data may be inaccurate, misleading or little truthful, do not comply with these terms and conditions, or in case that the property offered may constitute a fraud or any other reason that can be considered sufficient by the portal.

5. Terms particular to guests. To request availability, you must register or login, sent the reservation request to the owner through our system and receive an answer in less than 48 hours. The prices shown are approximate, do not forget to confirm the total price directly with the owner when making the reservation. Taxes included, if applicable. 5.1. The Guest acknowledges and agrees that any reservation request is submitted and processed directly by the owner and that Bookinghouses does not participate otherwise than providing information on rental properties and providing the means of contact between guest and owner for the booking. The Portal reserves the right to record the transactions between guests and owners for statistical purposes. 5.2. The guest acknowledges and accepts that the information of the properties shown in the portal has been provided directly by the owner, the latter being responsable of the accuracy of the information without any liability on Bookinghouses. 5.3. All data provided by the guest must be real and true. 5.4. To make a booking request the guest must be registered as a user. All registered users will be provided a username and password that will allow them to manage their profile and access other services the portal, as the reservation request. The user is responsible for the confidentiality of his password. In any case, Bookinghouses cannot be held not responsible for any misuse that may result from the loss or subtraction of those keys

6. Reservation and Cancellation. 6.1. Each Owner may put special conditions for the rental of his properties. These conditions should be written by the owner in the corresponding section in the property management panel and displayed on the information page of the property. The Guest is obliged to read and understand these conditions since these are considered to be accepted at the time the reservation is requested. 6.2. Once a reservation has been requested and availability has been confirmed, the reservation is considered to be a "pre-reservation" until all procedures that are necessary to confirm the reserva are formalized within the stipulated period and are detailed in the special conditions of the property, payment, payment of deposits, etc. 6.3. In case of cancellation by the guest the cancellation policy regarding terms and expenses specified by the owner will be applied. 6.4. In case of cancellation effected by the owner the guest should be reimbursed all payments made to the owner. 6.5. Bookinghouses reserves the right to cancel a reservation if considered to be a fraud attempt. In this case, the total amount paid by the Guest will be refunded without applying the cancellation fee detailed by the owner in the property information.

7. Data Privacy. 7.1. According to the provisions of the rules of the Organic Law on Data Protection (LOPD) Bookinghouses informs the user of the existence of a file of personal data obtained through the Portal which is necessary for the proper functioning of the portal and statistical analysis of the communication between bookinghouses and the users which may include technical information, promotions as well as communications to maintain commercial relations between the portal and the user. 7.2. The user is aware that his details are used for the purposes indicated and, consequently, as the case may be for the publication of comments or accommodations and the contact between the owner and the guest during the reservation process. 7.3. The users may exercise his right of access, rectification, opposition and cancellation provided in the LOPD by sending a signed request to C / Picassent, 4, 46900 Torrent (Valencia), enclosing a photocopy of the ID of the user. 7.4. Bookinghouses is doing the best to safeguard the confidentiality of the data collected on the portal. However, Bookinghouses can not guarantee the impregnability of the security measures against cyber attacks and is not responsible for the subtractions of information that may suffer as a result of such attacks. The user is free to provide the information at his own risk.

8. Termination. 8.1. In the event of a breach of these terms and condictions by the user Bookinghouses reserves the right to desactivate or delete the user account and to delete all information and contents regarding the user account as well as you remove the access to the services of the Portal. 8.2. Bookinghouses reserves the right at any time and without any prior notice to remove an accommodation from the portal which at our opinion may be harmful to Bookinghouses and the services provided..

9. Assignment. 9.1. A transfer of the rights and obligations of the user is only effective with the written approval of 9.2. The portal reserves the right to transfer any of our rights or obligations without prior notice and without written consent of the user.

10. Applicable jurisdiction and law/Legislation. 10.1. The parties, expressly waiving their own jurisdiction, submit, if possible, their cases to the Courts and Tribunals of Torrent(Valencia). The applicable Law is that of Spain. 10.2. The EU Regulation n° 524/2013 called ODR (Online Dispute Resolution) seeks to establish an independent, impartial, transparent, effective, fast and fair judicial procedure to resolve the various disputes arising from the international online sale of goods and services among countries in the EU. To this end we provide you with access to the ODR platform

In the event of inconsistency or discrepancy between the spanish versión and any other language versión, the spanish language versión shall prevail.